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“Tony Spandrio is very knowledgeable and very thorough in his approach. Very thoughtful and insightful in approaching problems and reaching solutions.” -- Stan Matsunaka, Attorney, Clark Williams and Matsunaka, LLC


“I have had the pleasure of working and partnering with Tony Spandrio and his team. He is one of the elite real estate investors in our area. He is professional, diligent, ethical and fair. His insight, creativity and vision are just a few of his strengths that have driven profits and provided excellent returns. His core team is experienced, capable and diverse in skills yet complimentary to each other, thus providing the whole package. It is not often you encounter an individual that walks the walk like Tony.” -- Ken Reit, Broker/Owner, Western Plains Realty


“Tony is a true professional that will do whatever it takes to facilitate his stakeholders goals. He is motivated to succeed and takes pleasure in the success of his constituents. Additionally he has a magnetic personality and is a pleasure to work.” -- Tony Liska, Account Executive, Vertis Communications (colleague)


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Andi Johnson
Real Estate Investor

Jason Palliser
Co-founder of REI BlackBook 

Mike Cranna
Owner of Aberdeen Investments