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Real Estate Investor Coaching

Posted on May 24, 2013

To become a real estate investor successfully, the importance of a good coach or mentor cannot be underestimated. Every successful person has had a successful mentor behind them. This is not a business that you can handle yourself, especially when you are just starting out. Even if you have been reading a number of books and taking numerous classes on real estate, the real world is quite different. Endless situations will pop up that you do not know how to deal with yet. What happens when you get your first call from a motivated seller and they have questions about the foreclosure process or how a short sale works? Since this is your first call, you may not be prepared for some of these questions. When you make your first appointment with a seller and want to negotiate the deal successfully, wouldn't it be much easier to have someone experienced by your side? What if you had someone locally who has already found a reliable title company, contractor, etc. and could help you along the process or give you a referral? Maybe you just need someone to motivate you and help you overcome the fear of starting a business.

You need to invest in your education before you can have the confidence and skill to move forward. You may lose a lot of money and your reputation with real estate if you do not prepare properly. I cannot think of a better way than to learn from someone who has been through it all. They have made the mistakes. They have learned the tricks.

However, if you do not have a mentor that does not truly have a desire to help and teach students, then you may be wasting your time and money. You need to find a genuine, honest investor who sincerely cares about your success.

Read Dennis Henson's article about how to find the right real estate investing mentor for you.

Real Estate Investor Training- Choosing a Coach by Dennis Henson


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