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— Jun 3, 2013

Calculating After Repair Value for your Flip

A deal is a deal because of a logical evaluation based on your numbers.

— May 31, 2013

Targeting Pre-Foreclosures

Pre-foreclosures are when the bank has filed with the county a notice of default (NOD), but the house has not gone to sale yet.

— May 30, 2013

Financing your Deals Creatively

Even if you are exclusively wholesaling, you should have available avenues to fund deals because you never know when you may...

— May 29, 2013

Wholesaling for the Newbie with No Money or Credit

When we say wholesaling is great for someone with no money or credit, we mean that you aren't actually purchasing a house with...

— May 28, 2013

Making Offers

One of the things you will learn in your real estate investing training is that you need to be making extremely low offers.

— May 27, 2013

Selecting an Inspector

Selecting the right inspector is critical for your success. You will be interviewing people just like any employer would do for...

— May 24, 2013

Real Estate Investor Coaching

The importance of a good coach or mentor cannot be underestimated. Every successful person has had a successful mentor behind...

— Apr 30, 2013

How Does a Short Sale Work

If you want to be a complete solution provider to a distressed homeowner, you don't want to turn away any properties. You...

— Apr 30, 2013

Marketing Your Business Successfully

It seems pretty reasonable that without marketing no leads will be coming leads, no offers, no deals. Even...

— Apr 30, 2013

Skills of Successful Negotiators

People skills are EVERYTHING in any business. If you do not know how to properly communicate and build rapport with your...