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About Tony Spandrio

Using the techniques he teaches, Tony Spandrio went from zero investments in real estate to generating gross transactions exceeding $5M in only two years! He used a combination of finance and real estate investment education and a can-do attitude to achieve such success.

Tony Spandrio with Robert Kiyosaki in June of 2011 in Las VegasTony's energy creates a positive atmosphere in every crowd of which he is involved. Tony’s techniques to “get the job done” creates inspiration among his admirers.Tony was inducted into Robert Kiyosaki’s International Hall of Fame in July of 2012 at the Pairs Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This prestigious award is a life-time experience of which only five are selected to receive out of thousands of participants around the globe.

Tony Spandrio was one of three brothers whose father and grandmother emigrated from Italy in the 1930’s. He grew up in California before moving to Colorado in 1994.

His father delivered bread to restaurants for many years and his mother worked odd jobs to help the family survive. There was never a discussion about investing, financial education, or being an entrepreneur. Tony Spandrio with Joe Theismann (Pro Football Quarterback) Together at Dave Lindahl's "Business Explosion" in Austin, TXInstead, Tony only heard: you have to work long hours, you have to work hard, you do what your boss tells you, and most of all, money doesn’t grow on trees.

After Tony graduated from high school, he settled into a career working for one of the largest and best commercial printing companies in Colorado. In the later part of 2009, Tony and his wife, Laura, decided it was time to make a change. This type of change can create such a high level of fear that many people never do it. And that was: to become an entrepreneur.

Tony Spandrio working on Habitat for Humanity projectDriven by the will to succeed, Tony educated himself in finance and real estate investing. Within six months, Tony acquired his first property with no money down. Two months after his first investment, Tony acquired three more properties in one week taking advantage of social networking to locate private funding. Within twelve months, Tony had acquired fourteen more properties and had begun to build his passive income by acquiring rental properties.

Today, Tony enjoys speaking to groups large and small, sharing his chills and thrills, fears and failures, sensations and successes. Using the techniques that Tony teaches, many of his students have had profound success in less than nine months.

Tony belongs to many local organizations such as the Investment Community of The Rockies (ICOR), the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors (CAREI), the Connected Investor, the Apartment Commercial Investors gathering, and IRROC to name a few.